About The Team

vOpenData is a collaboration between many people, most of them are listed here:

Ben_avatar Ben Thomas - ( @wazoo ) - The webapp was developed by Ben Thomas, Ben writes a personal technical blog at www.beyondvm.com about virtualization and other technology. For a normal job Ben Thomas is a Delivery Engineer at a large Professional Services organization. Previously he worked with a diverse set of organizations where he gained a broad experience in networking and systems analysis/design with over 8 years of direct industry experience. He is a specialist in creating practical virtualization designs that still meet security goals without hampering productivity or usability. Often an advocate of data center consolidation through virtualization and passionate about finding and applying new technology to solve complex issues. Ben was one of the first to obtain the VMware VCAP certifications (DCA #44, DCD #122) and worked to develop several of the existing and forthcoming VMware certification programs as a technical advisor.

William_bio William Lam - ( @lamw ) - The scripts were developed by William Lam, William Lam is a Senior Technical Marketing Engineer in the Cloud Infrastructure Product Marketing group at VMware. William currently focuses on automation for both the vSphere and vCloud Director platform APIs and CLIs. Previous to VMware, he was a Systems Engineer managing large vSphere installations and UNIX/Linux systems. William also runs a personal blog in his spare time called virtuallyghetto.com which covers various tips and tricks for products within the VMware vCloud Suite. His blog was also recently voted in the top 10 Virtualization Blogs of 2013 as well as the #1 scripting blog on vsphere-land.com.

The following people also contributed to this application in variying capacity:

  • Frederic Martin
  • RaphaĆ«l Schitz
  • Timo Sugliani
  • Akeem Jenkins
If you want to get involved drop a note to [email protected] or @vopendata

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