What is vOpenData?

vOpenData is an open community project that grew from the question "What is the average VMDK size for deployed virtual machines?" We wanted to create an open community database that is purely driven by users submitting their virtual infrastructure configurations. Leveraging the powerful virtualization community and applying simple analytics we are able to provide various trending statistics and data for virtualized environments. This is 100% community driven and the results will be available for everyone to view and hopefully you will contribute to the overall dataset!

What information do we collect?

We made an effort to not collect specific information such as hostnames or even display names that could be used to identify a particular organization. Instead, we are using UUIDs which are automatically generated by the virtualization platform to uniquely identify a particular object. This allows us to keep track of changes in the our database when a new data set is uploaded from an existing environment. In addition we are collecting various configuration data and you can find a complete list in the Data FAQs

More info on the data we collect is here: Data FAQs

What will this data be used for?

We are planning on using this data to create some interesting statistics and data modeling for the community to use in capacity planning and analysis. Most of this data will be made available through a dashboard or reports and eventually through an API to be mixed into other applications.


Though the data that is collected is already anonymized and non-identifying, please ensure that you are abiding by the privacy policies of your organization when uploading this data. If you are concerned about the data, it is recommended that you audit the zip contents before uploading which are just CSV files. We only ask that you do not modify the schema at all.

How can I get Involved?

You can get involved by signing up for a free account and contributing your data to the open community database or suggests other ways that we can use this data to benefit the greater virtualization community.

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